European Elections: 23-26 May 2019

3D Printed Ring
    Want to bring forward your #proposals4europe with a 3D printed ring?
  1. Select your favourite logo style: embossed K5 logo or recessed K5 logo
  2. Determine the ring size you need. The size refers to the inside circumference in millimetres.
  3. Download the corresponding STL file.
  4. Convert it into G-Code and run it on your 3D printer.
  5. After 30 or so minutes: Here you go with your brand new ring.
  6. Disclaimer: We are not responsible for any damage or harm to objects or individuals incurred as the result of any application of the STL files.
Recessed Logo
image of a 3d printed ring with an recessed k5 logo
Embossed Logo
image of a 3d printed ring with an embossed k5 logo
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